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        Henan Alai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhengzhou, China, is a large-scale modern comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise which mainly deals in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and health products.

         Alai Pharmaceutical Industry upholds the business concept of "good as water, self-improvement, good moral carrier" and "the world is beautiful because of me", lays out the whole product lines of Chinese medicine, western medicine and health products, and builds a medical system of "big health + big platform + fine products + high quality", persists in striving for progress, dares to innovate, and realizes Alai Pharmaceutical. New leaps and breakthroughs in industry development. The company has advanced modern medical logistics system, medical cold chain supply system and advanced intelligent information management system. It has never forgotten the original intention of "good product service" to continue to provide drugs and services to medical institutions, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, and to provide pharmaceutical enterprises with product sales and market management clothes. Business.

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Alai Pharmaceutical is committed to becoming a "respectable medical enterprise with social responsibility". In order to achieve this vision, we not only have clear business goals, but also have ambitious social goals. We pay attention to the environment, support education, encourage innovation, help patients, and serve the community. We hope to actively fulfill corporate social responsibility while carrying out business, to be grateful and altruistic, to contribute, to assume social responsibility, to give back to the country and society with all our efforts.

May the world be beautiful for me!

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